Do you only buy cars?

We buy cars, bakkies, 4x4's, all makes and models of vehicles.



What is your call out fee?

There is no charge, this is a free service.



Can I sell my vehicle if it is still financed?
Yes, it's easy. You need to obtain the settlement amount and we will go together to the bank and pay it. The balance will then be paid to you.



Who takes care of the paperwork?

We handle all paperwork as well as change the ownership.



I want to sell my car but can only release it at a later date.

We can make you a confirmed offer on your car and pick it up when you are ready. We can also give you a holding deposit and pay you the balance on collection of the vehicle.



Do I have to have a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) before I sell the car?
No, we will do the roadworthy test.



When will I hear back from you after completing the online application?

Within 24 hours.


Do I have to do any repairs to the car before I sell it?
No, we are willing to buy your car as is and do any repair work ourselves.


Can I sell a really old car?
Yes, if it moves we'll make you an offer.



How soon do I receive payment?

Payment is immediate after we haveconcluded our transaction.



What documentation should I have ready?
  1. Registration Certificate
  2. Copy of your ID
  3. If your car is financed, ask your finance company to email you a settlement letter, then we will do the settlement and arrange for the registration certificate.
  4. We have a sales agreement and will give you a copy after the sale.





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